Unicity Worldwide, Corporation The Review – How Did The Bios Existence Franchise Become Very Popular?

Unicity International, Inc. started off in 2001 when Enrich International and Rexall International got merged together. The company’s main headquarters is just like many other MLM giants located in Utah. Through the years Unicity International, Inc. has been able to position itself as a direct selling leader in the wellness and health industry. At this moment Unicity is operating in over 30 countries worldwide and because it is still growing the company definitely has strong credentials.

Unicity International sells products in different categories, from personal care to nutrition, to help improve overall health. For many people who think highly of health, the nutrition category will be the most important one. Unicity has products in these areas: digestive health, anti-aging, life health, heart health, immune health, men’s health, women’s health, bone and joint health and homeopathy. One of the most popular products is called Bios Life Slim; it is a fat-burning drink (weight loss product) which is designed to aid the body in regulating the storage of fat. Another product is the antioxidant drink called Bios Life E which helps the body’s metabolism. The Bios Life E is also available in powder form. There have been done numerous clinical studies on the Unicity products that are also listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR).

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To establish your Bios Life Franchise you will have to purchase a starter kit, which costs .00. Once you opened your own franchise, you will have the ability to work as little or as much as you would like. So even if you only want to use the products regularly, my advice for you would be to join the company.

Unicity Worldwide, Corporation The Review – How Did The Bios Existence Franchise Become Very Popular?

If you want to succeed in the Unicity Network business, the first thing you need to know by heart is the compensation plan. I will give you a short overview of it by explaining the basics of the 10 money income streams without going into further detail. (for a full understanding of the compensation plan, please consult the official Unicity International, Inc. Compensation Plan)

1. Retail Profit:

Buy the products at wholesale price, sell them at retail and keep the profit.

2. Personal Rebate:

Based on your monthly product purchases you will receive a rebate ranging from 5% to 30%.

3. Group Bonus:

Based on your own “Personal Volume” you receive a Group Bonus ranging from 5% to 20% on the volume of your direct franchisees that have not yet achieved the rank of Manager.

4. Fast Start Bonus:

Based on your rank and the level where the new franchisee joins within six levels of your franchise, you receive a “Fast Start Bonus” (3 to max. 30%) on the first-month purchases.

5. Team Builder Bonus:

Once your Organizational Volume (OV) and your largest “leg” reach a specific level, you will be eligible to receive a “Team Builder Bonus”.

6. Franchise Royalties:

Once you achieve the rank of Senior Manager, you can begin earning Franchise Royalties. (each royalty amounts to 5%)

7. Presidential Royalties:

Presidential Royalties (of up to 3%, 4% or 5%) are paid to Franchisees when they reach each rank of the President’s Club. (in addition to the Franchise 5%)

8. Presidential Bonus:

The Presidential Bonus is paid to franchisees who build their franchise at a relatively fast pace. Once the rank has been achieved for three consecutive months, a bonus will be paid for each additional month the rank is confirmed up to nine months in a twelve-month period.

9. Additional Franchise Positions:

When you achieve the rank of Presidential Diamond, you will be eligible to receive an Additional Franchise Position (AFP).

10. Chairman’s Club Bonus:

Lifestyle bonuses for people who achieved the rank of Double Diamond, Triple Diamond or Crown Diamond.


Unicity International, Inc. has a lot to offer. They have a wide range of products available. Continue research and the various clinical studies on their products should keep them quality wise on a high level. By using their products daily, you will definitely feel the positive effect they have on your health.

As a business, Unicity International also provides an excellent opportunity. There are many ways to earn by starting your own franchise. However, the compensation plan is very complex and needs to be approached with some caution. If you’re able to find a good mentor who guides you through the process, then there’s a big chance that Unicity International will have what you need.

Unicity Worldwide, Corporation The Review – How Did The Bios Existence Franchise Become Very Popular?

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